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How often should I change the water in my aquarium?


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  • Marianna Eros

    The hard part is learning how much and what to feed your fish.  I have 2 clown loaches and they love Shrimp Pellets, but Big Al's also has Community pellets which I'm finding they like for a change.  My Pepper Cories also like the Shrimp Pellets and the Community Pellets.  The other fish (harlequin rasbora, cherry barbs and cardinal tetras) get a pinch of flake and sometimes the micro pellets. The fish get both because some prefer one to the other.  I'm gradually learning that less works ok and the fish are starting to clean stuff off the plants because they only get fed every 2-3 days now.  Nitrates and Phosphates are now lowering.  I also use the Bio-Clean to help get rid of the sludge.  All equipment and filters are staying cleaner longer so I will be able to do water changes 1 per week and hopefully get it down to 2 then 3 weeks.  The water stays nice and clear and hardly any algae can be seen.  I washed if off all my plants and ornaments this week so I can monitor the regrowth.  I did add De-Nitrate (small 500 ml bottle (not the whole thing) and some PhosBond) to help get both under control.  It is slow, but they are working.


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